We live on a planet which is changing rapidly under the influence of human activity. The future of the human race on Earth is being dictated by decisions we make today, now, in this instant.

We are lucky – or unlucky – enough to be able to foresee the consequences of our actions. The question is, can we use that knowledge to make the right choices?

I want to open peoples eyes to the wonder of the natural world and the connections that exist between all humans and their environment. The more we know and care about Earth and each other, the better equipped we are to make decisions for a brighter tomorrow.

My writing wrestles with the following themes:

  • improving relationships with ourselves and others
  • cultivating awareness and appreciation of the natural world and how our actions affect it
  • envisaging the future through fact and fiction

I believe we have incredible potential to envision and create a better future through science, technology and a deep understanding of the natural world and our own human nature.

I am going to create, inspire and drive change for this future through writing. Please join me on the journey.


Phillipa Gardiner 

March 2011


People protect what they love.


Jacques Yves Cousteau