I am involved in a number of projects on a local and global level. I donate my time and writing skills to these community projects.


Blogger for, women’s action sports community (2012)

Squamish Free Media, online open source media project  (2012)

June 2012 – Currently a member of the board of directors. Helping out with general administration and creating documents for the soon to be co-op. I have recorded my first live interview, and will be putting together a news and story show….stay tuned!

Discovery Farm by Squamish Climate Action Network (2011)

The Discovery Farm is an Urban agriculture project set up in downtown Squamish, BC. I have been volunteering with administration tasks since October 2011.

The Ocean Flotilla Environmental Art Project (2011)

The Ocean Flotilla is an ongoing installation by artist Haruko Okano . I contributed a small writing piece in response to the question the artist posed – “What are your hopes for a healthier world in the next 100 years? “

TED Talks – Ideas worth spreading

Attended TEDxVancouver November 2011


Citizen of Nowhereisland (2011-present)

Nowhere Island is a public art project based in the UK, conceived by artist Alex Hartley. The project aims to address the question ‘if we were to create a new nation, how might we begin?’

This project is based around a physical installation – an island travelling in international waters to which anyone can become a citizen and be involved with writing its constitution. The project calls on us all to become more aware of issues in international law, environmental and political campaigning, human migration, anthropology and psychology, and to take part in answering global questions that will ultimately affect us all.